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A Sewist is Born!

Beginner Sewing: Level 1:

Week 1

For 2023 I decided that my creative outlet will be sewing. I had a few sewing classes near me, but Sew Creative Lounge caught my eye because not only is it #BlackOwned & #BlackWOMANOwned but they also use Ankara fabrics! * swoon * So I signed up for Level 1 with a friend, not knowing I was about to fall in love!

The session was broken down into 4 sessions. Throughout the 4 weeks made an envelope pillow, a reversible tote bag, and pajama pants. If you're interested in trying out the patterns yourself, I've linked it here.

The first week, we learned how to navigate a sewing machine, which for me was like WOWZAHS! I was in fact using a sewing machine and like...MAKING STUFF! and not just playing around. Our instructor, Ms. Carrie was phenomenal! The way she broke the skills down and made us all comfortable diving headfirst into the world of sewing was amazing.

The first project was a pillow. In my head, I thought this was basic enough because in High School Home Economics, who didn't make a pillow? Chileeee! I was wrong! The fact that I was not hand sewing and actually operating a sewing machine brought in a whole new element.

But God! Ms. Carrie walked us through each step and I had the time of my life! While sewing I was so happy I went on my journey with a #BlackOwned sewing community because the experience was top-tier. From the fabric selections to the neo-soul that graced the studio's speakers. As an experience girlie, I always seek experiences that make me feel good from start to finish and every moment in my week 1 class, even the frustrations reinforced the fact that I made the right choice with learning to sew with Sew Creative Lounge.

By the end of our first hour, I had created an envelope pillow!

After the first week, I was READY! I was already contemplating purchasing my own sewing machine and everything! It wasn't the fact I learned a new skill or experienced something different. It was the ability to make something out of nothing and embrace my mistakes along the journey. As a recovering perfectionist, initially it as difficult to not rip out a full stitch because of an inconsequential misstep. However, I learned to find beauty in the way I chose to do something. As long as it didn't hinder my end goal, all was good. No, all was GREAT!

I took you all along for my sewing journey. So hopefully I get my other posts up in a timely manner, considering I am posting this almost 8 months after I initially wrote it. Eek! Either way, check out my other blog posts about Weeks 2-4 of Beginner Sewing Level 1, and all the sewing goodness that follows.

Peace, Love & Creativity to All!



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