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that's me!

Hey all! I am Lesley Alexandria but around these parts feel free to call me Andria. I am a public relations and learning and development professional by trade, but I LOVE to let my creative juices flow. I love to paint, DIY projects, and, dare I say it...COOKING! Growing up I used to intentionally burn people's food so they'd assume I couldn't cook because cooking as a chore is straight BASURA, but cooking as a creative outlet is pure fun!


I am also a dog mom of two, who is fueled by discovering new things as I let my soul wander and I can often be found traveling the world. Travel allows me to authentically experience other cultures, and truly be a global citizen. Where ever I end up, I can always be found taking 'jump pics' or using my trusty iPhone to master a new camera trick, while exploring the local culture and traditions. 

I long for the day I can deck my garage out with Ryobi tools and upcycle and flip furniture all day, along with endless crafting. Until then, I will continue to build a community of amazing creatives who let their creative souls shine!

Welcome to The SoulShine Society! 

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